Almaco del Guadalquivir S.L

We are a company founded in 2013, thanks to a family excited about the cultivation of nuts and pecan trees, supported by the means and the human team necessary to bring to your table an essential nutritional element such as nuts. Nuts with powerful nutritional properties that will delight your family.

Located in the municipality of Palma del Río (Córdoba) and on Km number 13.5 of the confederation road Palma del Río – Lora del Río, 1 km from the village of colonization “Calonge”, in the region of Vega del Guadalquivir, an area that can be regarded as the “European California”, known for its fertile soils and its perfect climate to produce nuts and pecans.

The farm has 315 hectares planted with nuts and pecan trees to harvest. We follow the GlobalG.AP standard, our plantation is respectful with the environment, we comply with the criteria accepted throughout Europe regarding food safety, sustainable production methods, workers’ and animals’ welfare and the responsible use of water, seeking the proper growth of nuts and pecan trees in a natural and sustainable manner, so that, we grow natural nuts from a to z that come out with a unique flavor.

Our activity is developed from the beginning in our farm, where we have planted nuts and pecan trees, until the commercialization and sale of nuts to final consumers. We are very proud of our method to produce our nuts and pecans, and are committed to giving you the best service.

We are members of the International Nut & Dried Fruit, the largest international association of nuts.


Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L. has a highly qualified and prepared human and professional team, passionate about sustainable agriculture, and committed to the goal of offering the best product to make the world a better place.

We are achieving great goals thanks to the high degree of involvement, ability to work in teams and professionalism of the staff in our organization, which is without a doubt, our best asset and our differentiating factor.

Our professionals are constantly training and adapting to the new technical needs demanded by the agri-food industry and agriculture in general. We know that the constant progress of new technologies helps us to better perform our daily tasks. Therefore, one of our objectives is precisely to continue adapting to these new technologies to offer fast, agile, professional and updated information.