At Nueces de Calonge, we grow walnuts and pecans from the heart to benefit the hearts of the world with health and wellness

Did you know that eating a handful of nuts a day prevents many ailments and diseases?

Our Calongeno nuts have neither preservatives nor colorings. They are recommended for the entire adult population, and children under pediatric approval. They are excellent for health and are present in weight loss and other muscle gain diets.

They are a staple and especially nutritious food, which help to take care of your cardiovascular health and prevent diseases.

But in addition to this, they are also a food source rich in energy, omega-3, vitamins and minerals.

Do you want to know what other ways they can benefit you? Keep reading!

  • It is a superfood that powers your brain
  • Healthy heart, prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Better mood, as it increases serotonin levels
  • Against Alzheimer’s, as it has  protective effects  against oxidative stress and cell death that occur in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients
  • Antioxidant, according to various studies, they are the dried fruit with the most antioxidants.

In our plantations we do not use herbicides or pesticides that can affect the proper growth of the walnut trees, so the walnuts have a unique flavor.