Buying Spanish walnuts has never been so easy: We grow them with our hearts, to benefit the hearts of the world.

The Calonge farm, belonging to the International Nut Council, specializes in the planting, cultivation and harvesting of Spanish walnuts from sustainable agriculture. We follow methods of growing walnuts in a sustainable and traditional way to bring them to you with all their nutritional properties.

We are proud to be able to offer you a unique selection of natural nuts, which mainly come fromChandler and Howard varieties.

We produce pecan nuts, in our pecan plantation, on the same farm, our main varieties are Mahan, Cherokee and Pawnee.

Inour plantations we do not use herbicides or pesticidesthat can affect the proper growth of the walnut trees, so the walnuts have a unique flavor. You can buy our nuts here

We have the human team and the necessary means to bring to your table a basic element in the diet such as the walnut, a dried fruit with powerful nutritional properties that will delight your loved ones. Buying walnuts  has never been so easy!

Enter here and discover our selection of walnuts and pecans.