The Andalusian foreign sector has demonstrated its competitiveness as an engine of economic growth. Now more than ever, Andalusia remains one of the most exporting communities in Spain, with exports of more than 25,206 million in the first eleven months of 2020, and a trade surplus of 2,583 million euros.

Andalusian companies of international success are responsible for this strength, such as Nueces de Calonge, an agro-industrial company from Córdoba, located in the municipality of Palma de Río, whose activity is focused on the cultivation, collection, processing and marketing of walnuts and pecans.

This company was born with the purchase of an important farm in this town in 2013, which has become one of the most important agricultural facilities in Europe dedicated to walnut and pecan, with an area of ​​more than 315 hectares and another 100 hectares in the future.

Since its inception, the Andalusian company focused its differentiation on the quality of its product, investing in facilities at the forefront of agricultural R&D and based on environmental sustainability, technology and ecology.

The future plan of Nueces de Calonge is to finish consolidating the agricultural commitment with the growth of the current forest, going from 90,000 to 150,000 trees, while identifying new markets that appreciate the quality of its product.

The commitment to internationalization is in the company’s DNA. “From the first minute we knew we were going to export,” says Borja Murube, general manager of Nueces de Calonge. Europe imports approximately 60% of walnut consumption and this was one of the great business opportunities for the Cordoba company.

Today,Nueces de Calonge has an export share of 25% of the turnover. Its international sales go mainly to Europe, where Germany, Italy and Greece stand out, although theshort-term objectives are to activate exports in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Denmark and England..

In this international experience, the Cordoba company has received the support and collaboration of Extenda. “Thanks to Extenda we have detected many possibilities and opportunities that existed abroad. We have worked on projects with their commercial offices in some countries that have put us in contact with potential clients ”, argues Borja Murube, general manager of Nueces de Calonge.