Collection of the first pecan nut harvest of the “Cortijo Calonge” farm in Palma del Río (Córdoba) and commissioning of the first pecan nut processing and drying factory. In the farm “Cortijo Calonge” they use for the first time a technique adapted from the harvesting of the olive grove for the collection of the nut.

A technician carries out the controls of the GRASP certification that evaluates socio-labor risks and two more traceability risks: IFS and BRC.

Walnut cultivation is new in this area of ​​Bajo Guadalquivir, it requires a great investment effort and several years to enter production. The first nut harvest enters the industry installed on the farm itself to undergo the peeling, cleaning, drying and packaging that are the parts of the process. The storage capacity of these warehouses with stable temperature guarantees the continuous supply to the markets.

In gastronomy, pecan nut is characterized by its contribution of natural fibers and unsaturated oils.