Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L. makes sustainability the basis of its project. It integrates its cultivation and production activities, its managerial model, economic criteria, and social and environmental sustainability in a complete whole

We have planted a forest of 315 hectares in the middle of the fertile plain of the Guadalquivir,

with the positive effect that this implies for the environment

How does Almaco Del Guadalquivir,S.L. manage to reduce the impact on nature?

The company’s main challenge is to reduce environmental impact. For the company it is fundamental to maintain the balance generated through the harmonious relationship between the society and the nature around it.

Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L. manages the full production of its nuts, so that it controls the company’s entire activity process, from selection and planting, to delivery. Being present throughout the value chain allows the application of good practices in the sector and harnessing, which leads to greater efficiency in the production of nuts.

REDAWN project

It is a project that focuses on improving energy efficiency in water distribution networks through innovative technology based on the use of microturbines. This technology will recover the excess energy in pipe networks for irrigation, urban supply, industry and water recycling.

At Finca Calonge, the pilot plant for this project will be installed. The installation of a hydroelectric generator group consisting of a pump working as turbine (PAT) of 4 Kw, which together with a set of solar panels and batteries, will take advantage of the excess pressure in the irrigation pipeline, generating substitute electric power that currently supplies for an irrigation head with a diesel generator set. The energy generated will serve to meet the demands of the irrigation head, that is, fertilizer injection pumps, filtering systems and irrigation programming and control equipment of an approximate surface area of ​​140 Ha.

Renewable energies for irrigation in the Guadalquivir valley

Environmental awarenes
Staff training in environmental awareness to achieve environmental balance
Corporative strategy
Defining the guidelines to implement Environmental Management systems in all activities
Economic practices
Eco-efficient economic practices
Commitment and preservation
Guaranteeing, in all activities, our commitment with the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources

Which are Almaco de Guadalquivir,S.L.’s sustainability cornerstones?

  • Economic viability.
  • Promote technological development and innovation.
  • Efficient use of available resources.
  • Balance between technology and the use of the best sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Minimize environmental impact.
  • Benefit the community.