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Weed control

Herbicide treatment for the elimination of weeds, with quad and ultra-low volume equipment, specifically designed for the application of herbicides in fruit crops.

Tying trees

The most vigorous shoot is selected, usually it is the one located in the upper part, closest to the cut made in winter, the tying is carried out and the other two shoots are left free. DestinationEnglish Said tie is not strong, it is simply to maintain its verticality.

Cortijo Calonge

Rotary Harrow

Field work for better soil maintenance

Clearing the weeds

Clearing weeds for their control, in order to maintain a certain harmony and balance on the farm.

cortijo calonge
nueces sueltas

Sow walnut trees, February 2016

We sow manually to take maximum care with the plant, which must fit well in the size of the hole. The neck and the first roots are 8 to 10 cm above the ground level to avoid physiological damage and to protect them from being in contact with the irrigation water.

Pruning and healing treatment

In this video you can see the first pruning that is done to our walnut trees together with the application of a healing agent with great persistence before washing by rain, which also protects them from infections by fungi and bacteria, thus favoring the healing of the pruning cuts.

360º view

Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L. a bird’s eye view in 360º.

Plant immersion

Immersion of bare root plants in a tank with 100 liters of water, fungicides, disinfectant and root adjuvants, just after the initial revision of the roots and pruning of the wounds they have, caused by the start.


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